a really great cookie

At Havanna Cafes, in Buenos Aires they’ve perfected the Alfajore, a Latin American cookie, with roots in the Middle East.  Visiting Buenos Aires this Spring they quickly became a favorite snack.  They’re rich treats, filled with a thick layer of dulce de leche and great for an afternoon pick-me-up, with an espresso … especially in these wild times.

Havanna’s been at it since 1947. They turn out these beautifully packaged cookies covered with chocolate, white chocolate and meringue along with coffee, chocolates and cakes at hip, distinctly Argentine cafes and kiosks all over Buenos Aires.  The entire Havanna “experience” has an unmistakable feel that conjures up old Cuba mixed with new, modern Buenos Aires and a deep regard for turning out an impeccable product  …a rarity for sure.

Sadly, these treats are not yet available in the US but you can get a close substitute from the folks at Amigo Foods.Com 

…and remember whatever your choice of sweet indulgence, take a little time today to breathe and munch.  


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