DSC08261 (1)I’m thinking about story telling. How we pass the word down about the places we’ve been, people we’ve seen, and the odd, hilarious, way-out and wonderful situations we find ourselves in.

My hunch is that it’s all about connection for me.  The connection I make with the story I’m telling, brings new insights, emphasizes things that were not considered when it was told last. It’s cool to see eyebrows rise and joy in the faces around me as the listeners get hooked to the tale. Every telling causing a slightly new perspective and every telling being a chance to pass the story along … and imagine what it might be like when told again by the next one down the line. Knowing the story is one thing telling it out loud is quite another.


My grandfather, Max Berliner, was an ace story teller. With the perspective of time, it’s obvious and wacky to know that lots of the stories he told were totally made up tales designed to get young children to bed. I doubt that he had a dude ranch in Wyoming and a cook named Pipsqueak who ran the place when he wasn’t there.  But many evenings he brought us to that ranch and told us about his cattle, Pipsquake and oil wells.  God bless hm.  He was a Jewish guy from the lower east side, no ranch, cattle, cook or oil wells …but he could tell a damn good story – especially to wide eyed grandchildren.

And so, I’ve got that bug and find myself often telling stories – mostly real – to friends,family. clients, to pass along the tale, dredge up fond memories, give them something they just might remember … and tell again.



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  • Found your blog. Enjoying, Jimmy. Keep writing, cooking and rocking/

  • Story telling is an art as you rightly pointed out. As a child I enjoyed listening to stories from my grandmother. Yes, you right, from a storyteller’s perspective it creates a new insight and a new interpretation each and every time you repeat it. Enjoyed reading through your blog post. Cheers, Ramkumar

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