alex dezen

thumb_1456197964647_1024Every once and a while an album (or whatever we call them now) pops up that needs to be listened to, really listened to, as a collection of finely crafted songs. Think, Joini Mitchell  Blue, After The Gold Rush.

Alex Dezen has given us that kind of gift.  He’s the frontman and singer/songwriter for the very excellent Damnwells (check them out)

“Alex Dezen”, his new solo album is disarmingly confessional, poignant, highly musical and needs the attention of a full (no shuffle) listen http://cialisviagr..iew/.  He sings of ex-girlfriends, playing the last song on a favorite guitar, This Is The Last Song (I’ll Ever Write On This Guitar), being in a band, Into The Hands Of Hazelden, love, loss and life lived.

It’s great music, sung beautifully, played honestly with an emotional pull that gets me hooked every time.  Check out Alex Dezen and settle in for a deep listen.


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