new year, new scent

It’s a new year full of promise, hope, challenge and the potential for self-definition.  

As we consider all of this, how about a small indulgence in the – your brand is you – department; wearing a scent that’s not likely to be worn by the man or woman sitting next to you on the bus every morning.

lucky scent has a terrific on-line storefront and Scent Bar in LA that offers up fragrances, skin care products and accessories that are rare, unique with some being exclusive to them.  The online store offers fragrance reviews, and a guide to finding the right scent based on your astrological sign. They also can send you 1/32oz. samples at 3.00 each to take the guess work out of choosing the right scent for you.

Consider starting the new year with a new scent, indulge, be you, live a little.


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