soul + design

Taschen, the German publisher with stores in the US, abroad and online offers a terrific collection of highly visual books for design lovers, architecture, fashion, art, pop culture, travel enthusiasts and people that simply like good books. 

Among this year’s best is Soul i-D,  a collection of stirring musings on family, global responsibility, survival and spirituality from people like Bono, David LaChapelle, Tom Ford, Bob Geldof, Yoko Ono and many others.

For those of us that seek out design stimulus and travel there’s the Icons Style series of punchy, elegant books. 24 in all, they’re packed with images of selected regions including; Buenos Aires, Berlin, Egypt, Morocco, New York and at $9.99 each an amazing high-quality bargin.

So, as you consider those last minute affordable gifts for the more picky in your group take a look at the best from Taschen.  Enjoy


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