missed beat

Sadly, Mitch Mitchell left us this week. He passed away on Wednesday at the age of 61, of natural causes after completing the first US leg of the Experience Hendrix tour. 

He was an amazing drummer who managed to hold down the beat in the Jimi Hendrix Experience by fusing R&B backbeats with Elvin Jones’ jazz experimentation.  Give a listen to Manic Depression,  Stone Free, Up From The Skies to hear his power, creativity and magic.

As teens, my buddies and I were privileged to see the Experience on their triumphant first gig in New York, upon Jimi’s return from England. Then and many times after we sat with mouths open watching true innovators break down the barriers, take great diving musical leaps and find their way out to the stars and back to the song. In the middle of it all was Mitch playing with all his mite.

He was a true original, will be sorely missed, but lives on through the music.


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