the sound of abbey road

Despite the gusts of cold economic wind blowing around us, music lovers are still seeking out new tunes and fresh, economical ways to listen to them. 

Bowers & Wilkins has been making studio quality speakers in England since the 60’s and while their suburb bigger models are costly, these LM1 series speakers at about $350. a pair are a bargain of excellent audio quality and sophisticated design.  

I’ve had a pair in our kitchen for years and while their bigger brothers power the living room the LM’s, perhaps coupled with sub-woofer, will give you a taste of the speakers at Abbey Road studios (where B&W’s are the standard) at a fraction of the price.  

Take a look at their site for more speaker info. And while you’re there check out the B&W Music Club that releases exclusive, high-quality downloads by artists like Little Axe, Julianna Raye and Dub Colossus in association with Peter Gabriel and Real World Studios.


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