small indulgence

There’s something about small bowls and dishes that’s fascinating to me.  Maybe it’s because of their potential to hold pungent dipping sauces, honey, red pepper flakes, salt, spicy mustard, hot sauce or ketchup .. my mother would be happy that I’m still not putting the bottle on the table. 

They’re easy to buy at dusty markets in far flung places like the vast Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, from street vendors, your neighborhood Asian market or tableware and gourmet food stores like the Global Table, Dean & Deluca and Takashimaya cialis over the counter alternatives. 

As we tighten our belts, these simple, affordable pieces of design and culture add a touch of adventure to the table and make great exotic gifts.   Throw in some Thai Chicken Sauce, Extra Fine Soy Sauce or Gulden’s Mustard and make it even more unusual. 


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  • Lynn-Harold Thompson

    Jim, giant article in the New York Times today on your client Starbucks. They’ve re-hired some old success makers and they seem to be working a plan, but according to Wallstreet they still don’t
    get the problem they’ve got with the price. Looks like they’re re-doing the insides of stores to be more part of the local environ, etc., sounds good, but still, it’s the price: a 200% mark-up on
    a cup of coffee in a financial tsunami doesn’t seem to be wise. What’s your view? Can one make billions and be financially responsible at the same time? To my way of thinking part of this
    financial mess we’re in started with designer/addicting coffee and the racing mentality of the educated classes. A dopio campana should not cost over $2.00, but it does. Longer lines now to get
    wired up for the day and your drink is made somewhere behind a large brown/black box with none of the personality of the drink your consuming. I make these comments because like so many
    other people I, to a certain degree,depend on a Starbucks jolt to get going at times when I don’t want to get going and it would be so nice to see some affordability in there. Then I might be inclined
    to feel I want to spend more on this somewhat required drink. Can’t they have a sale or something? Lynn Thompson

  • Lynn-Harold Thompson

    For a design treat take a look at the DWR Airstream trailer. What a fine piece of design work. Lynn Thompson

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