jazz magic

Avishai Cohen has been called “one of most gifted bassists of his generation” by the New Yorker and Down Beat Magazine says he’s “a musician who is a jazz visionary of global proportions”.  He was a founding member of Chick Corea’s sextet, Origin, a member of the Danilo Perez Trio and has accompanied everyone from Bobby McFerrin to Herbie Hancock. 

I came across his music only recently and have become sonically addicted to his latest release, “Gently Disturbed”, which finds him in a piano trio with Shai Maestro on piano and Mark Guiliana on drums viagra cheap uk.  The music echo’s many influences; Cohen’s Middle Eastern roots (he’s from Israel), Latin rhythms, modern jazz syncopation, funk, folk and fusion.

It’s the kind of disc I can put on at any time of day and be magically taken away from the daily routine.  At times relaxed and then shifting more aggressive, it’s captivating, open, accessible music that shouldn’t be missed.  


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