the essence of what makes us great

My recent talk at MG Fest, part of the Chicago Convergence. Getting down to the core of what makes brand experinces great, vibrant and lasting.


new year, new scent

It’s a new year full of promise, hope, challenge and the potential for self-definition.

As we consider all of this, how about a small indulgence in the – your brand is you – department; wearing a scent that’s not likely to be worn by the man or woman sitting next to you on the . . . → Read More: new year, new scent


listen and save lives

Today, World AIDS Day, marks the long awaited launch of (RED) WIRE, a new online digital music magazine designed to eliminate Aids in Africa.

(RED) WIRE promises to bring us exclusive music from major artists, featured artist showcases and the added impact of your music interest making a difference .. saving lives in Africa.

. . . → Read More: listen and save lives



Design Within Reach, the catalogue and showroom retailer of classic designer furniture has put together a collection of smaller accessory items just in time for more frugal holiday pocketbooks. Design appreciators can pass along gifts of toys, kitchen items and table top items all selcted with the same attention to detail and quality that makes . . . → Read More: tops


new bright day

In working with clients to get at the underpinnings, dna, stuff that defines them I search for their authentic values, deeply held beliefs, emotions, behaviors. Eventually these become the foundation of their brand experience.

On this bright new day In America it struck me that like great brands, Barack Obama’s appeal is rooted . . . → Read More: new bright day