I’m thinking about story telling. How we pass the word down about the places we’ve been, people we’ve seen, and the odd, hilarious, way-out and wonderful situations we find ourselves in.

My hunch is that it’s all about connection for me. The connection I make with the story I’m telling, brings new insights, emphasizes things . . . → Read More: stories



Is it some hard wired DNA thing or a spark lit by the synthesis of seconds, minutes hours of the ingestion of all things that we’ve experienced up to the very moment that we step off down the path, put pen to paper, take an inspired photo, or pick up that guitar and play?

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Hello and welcome to be sparked.

Over the years I’ve become exceedingly curious and deeply passionate about things, places, experiences that hold a special authenticity, a real soulfulness that’s palpable. That notion guides the way I work with businesses to uncover the ”stuff” that makes them distinctive … and the way . . . → Read More: welcome